Wednesday, September 29, 2004

2004 ACRW Conference

American Christian Romance Writers changed their name to American Christian Fiction Writers at this conference in Denver in 2004. I blogged about it here. Most of these pictures are pirated from Heather and Pammer.

Heather and Margaret Daley

All of us at High Tea--Squirl, me, Pammer, Heather, Janet Spaeth, Dream with Bay and Kay, Julie, Margaret Daley and Marta Perry

Janet Spaeth, Heather, Pammer and me

Heather, Margaret Daley, Marta Perry, me and Pammer (we're being so weird)

Heather and me

Janet Spaeth and Heather

Heather and Mary Griffith

Heather and Pammer

Pammer and me

Mary Griffith, Heather and Squirl (ignore the wrong date in the corner)

Heather, Squirl, Pammer and me