Tuesday, March 29, 2005

2005 Mt. Hermon Conference

I love attending the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference, held every year near Santa Cruz, California, where it's only a short drive for me. I blogged about it here.

Me, Pamela Dowd, and Cyndy Salzmann

Me, Donna Fleisher, Charise Olson, and Lori Kincaid (my roommate this year)

Me and T. Davis Bunn, who taught the Fiction track this year

Me and Marci Seither

Marilyn Hilton and Jeanette Hanscombe

Me and Laura Jensen Walker

Louise Gouge and Sharon Hinck

Donita Paul and Meredith Efken

Sharon Hinck, her daughter Kaeti, and me

Brandilyn Collins and me

Brandilyn Collins and me being weird

Meredith Efken and Sharon Dunn

Randy Ingermanson and me