Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pictures from ACFW 2005 Conference in Nashville

I finally got my pictures up! Some are kind of blurry. I had others, but they were too fuzzy. Dagnabbit, next time I'm just using my normal camera.

Me, the Noble Theme Suspense winner

Squirl and Pammer (Hey, where's Heather?)

Shirlee McCoy and Debra Clopton

Randy Ingermanson, me, and Deb Raney

Merrillee Whren and Gail Martin

My supercool roommate Meredith Efken and me

Margaret Daley and Lenora Worth

Karen Ball and me

Gayle Roper and me

Dineen Miller and me

Dana Corbit and Cynthia Cooke

Colleen Coble and me

Breakfast with friends! (L-R) Cynthia Cooke, Lenora Worth, Heather Tipton, me, Dana Corbit, Pamela James, Cheryl Wyatt, Laurie Alice Eakes

Brandilyn Collins and me

Author panel/booksigning in Nashville. (L-R) Irene Brandt, Joan Hochstetler, Gail Martin, Kathryn Mackel, Randy Ingermanson, Terry Burns, Cyndy Salzmann

Allie Pleiter, me, Mae Nunn