Thursday, December 29, 2005

My dog, Snickers

This is my dog Snickers. She's a multi-breed (mutt) we adopted from the Santa Clara Humane Society in February 2003. She was nine months old when we adopted her. We took her to Monterey/Carmel over Thanksgiving 2003 and she had a blast at the beach parks and the Carmel shops, which allow dogs inside. We took her to six rounds of dog classes to try to train her to be more polite when she greets people and other dogs, because she's very energetic and exuberant. Her stylin' fashionwear below is from her "grandparents," my folks in Hawai'i.

Snickers put this frisbee on herself, I promise.

Me and Snickers

We have no idea why she likes to lie on her back like this. Maybe because Mom can't help scratching her tummy when she walks by.

Snicker's stylin' Hawaiian shirt was a Christmas gift from my parents to their beloved "granddoggie."

Snickers likes to lie under our Japanese coffee table, called a kotatsu. It's square with two parts--a frame and a separate table top. The frame has suspended under it a heating element covered with a grille to protect it. You throw a quilt over the frame and lay the table top on the quilt. When you turn on the heating element, you can sit at the kotatsu with your legs under the warmth, and the quilt keeps the heat in.

Snickers and my husband

Murdered Moose
On February 17th, 2006, I murdered this moose by giving it to Snickers. The full story is here.

Moose and Murderer
Mugshots of the moose and its murderer (technically, Snickers murdered it and not me, even though I gave the moose to her).


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