Friday, December 30, 2005

My husband, Captain Caffeine

My husband and I met in 1997 here in Silicon Valley, California. He is an engineer, and he conducted a typical engineer courtship--he emailed me for about a month before casually asking if I wanted to watch his volleyball playoffs.

(Well, it only had to work once.)

We married in December, 2001. No kids except for our rather butt-headed dog Snickers.

My husband loves fishing for bass. He takes pictures to prove he actually caught something. I personally wonder if he' s secretly got a plastic fish he whips out for these photos. ;)

My husband says this is the big fish. Not fake.

Me and my husband, at our wedding. He has a green ti leaf lei around his neck, which Hawaiian grooms wear.


Tina G said...

No wonder you like to watch Jackie Chan -- your husband looks kinda like him! :)

Anonymous said...

As you describe your engineer husband and his dating rituals I had to snicker as I flashed back to Kristin Billerbeck's book, What a girl wants. Sounds like she interviewed you before she wrote it.

Elysa said...

LOL! I thought the same thing in relation to Kristen Billerbeck's books!!! ;)

Kelly Klepfer said...

My husband is watching over my shoulder and I'm giving him cyberspace lessons. Your book is right next to us so we zipped over to your site. For the record, Rob, my Captain Coffee, says the fish is real and a nice one at that.

Camy Tang said...

Captain Caffeine says Thanks!

PS: about Kristin's book, the fact Captain Caffeine so closely resembles the engineers in her novel only testifies to the incontrovertible truth that Silicon Valley engineers are all really truly like that!