Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Wedding

I guess I'll post some pics.

Me and my husband in our first dance. That's my $200 ripoff wedding gown which I was really hating by the end of the night.

I changed into my great-great-great grandmother's wedding kimono for part of the afternoon.

Me and Mom in her gorgeous Ann Namba pantsuit

Me and Grandma (my mom's mom)

Me and Grandma (my dad's mom)

Our wedding cake turned out so great! We got a wedding cake maker from Berkeley, Julie Durkee, to do it. She's amazing. I wanted a Hawaiian Christmas theme, so she made a green "tree" tiered cake with a sugar ti-leaf garland, and then presents around the cake. My mom brought Hawaiian Christmas ornaments to scatter between the cake presents. And her cake flavors were awesome, too! Raspberry cream, Kahlua (or was it mocha?), and tiramisu.

Traditionally, the bride folds 1000 golden paper cranes for good luck before the wedding. I did like 450 or so while friends did the rest (they each took 100 cranes for me). These days, couples give the cranes to an artist who forms them in a picture. Our friend did ours. The two symbols are my Japanese family crest on the left, and the Chinese character of my husband's last name on the right.