Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Wedding

I guess I'll post some pics.

Me and my husband in our first dance. That's my $200 ripoff wedding gown which I was really hating by the end of the night.

I changed into my great-great-great grandmother's wedding kimono for part of the afternoon.

Me and Mom in her gorgeous Ann Namba pantsuit

Me and Grandma (my mom's mom)

Me and Grandma (my dad's mom)

Our wedding cake turned out so great! We got a wedding cake maker from Berkeley, Julie Durkee, to do it. She's amazing. I wanted a Hawaiian Christmas theme, so she made a green "tree" tiered cake with a sugar ti-leaf garland, and then presents around the cake. My mom brought Hawaiian Christmas ornaments to scatter between the cake presents. And her cake flavors were awesome, too! Raspberry cream, Kahlua (or was it mocha?), and tiramisu.

Traditionally, the bride folds 1000 golden paper cranes for good luck before the wedding. I did like 450 or so while friends did the rest (they each took 100 cranes for me). These days, couples give the cranes to an artist who forms them in a picture. Our friend did ours. The two symbols are my Japanese family crest on the left, and the Chinese character of my husband's last name on the right.


Shari said...

How beautiful! I wish you both peace and harmony.

Cynthia said...

Awww you look gorgeous and your husband looks so husband. I wish you two a happy life together. And I love how you wore your grandma's kimono. That's great that you're carrying on the traditions of your culture. :)

joy maher said...

....good gravy....if these wedding pictures and "Sushi for One?" don't make me totally lonesome for our Chinese "family" in Vancouver, B.C. (Richmond, actually)....I don't know what would-! Since 1995, our family has spent many, many summer weeks up there...the works, you know...E.F.Chinese Church of Richmond, Thurs. nite watching their volleyball team play other church teams, countless meals of unknown, wonderful Chinese foods....Grandma who takes her whole family, kids and all, on a cruise....weddings of "our" daughters, complete with Chinese/Canadian traditions, learning how to make sushi, hot pot at home(eeewww, lettuce dunked in hot water????....yeah, it was even quite good!).
Okay, don't think I was supposed to epistilize :), but, hey, I haven't even STARTED on all the familiar funnies in your count yourself lucky if I stop here!heehee....
Am sure you've been to Vancouver, eh?? One BEAUTIFUL city-our favorite on earth!! And those blueberries, you pickum'-YUMMMM!!
Oh, one more thing...thanks for the plastic bin idea for books-sooo neat seeing someone else who can't part with books, even my kid books-gotta' save them for the grandkids, right?, don't have any, but so??
So when is the next sushi book coming????
Your new fan in Minnesota,

Lisa said...

Wow, The picture made from the cranes is amazing! I really apprectiate the work that went into folding all of those cranes. Our previous Japanese exchange student strung 90 or so together for a birthday gift for me. I treasure them.

Susan said...

Lovely pictures. I'm so glad I found your site.
I lived in Japan for a couple of years, and I loved it!!! One of my dearest friends lives in the Tokyo area too, and I miss both her and living in her fascinating country. I would love to go back one day.
I'm interested in reading your books! :)

Camy Tang said...

Thanks, guys! Glad you liked my books, too!

Anne Baxter said...

Last Christmas, my husband and I went to Ft. Bragg, CA, by ourselves. Normally, we really charish these getaways. I don't know if it was the weather (never a spot of sunshine) or just my mood, but I found myself depressed and wishing we had spent the time with our families instead. We walked into a Denny's for breakfast, and I was close to tears. Then an older oriental gentleman came to our table and presented me with an origami crane. My mood was incredibly lightened by this random act of kindness by a complete stranger. I tried to find him when we finished eating to tell him so, but he was nowhere to be found.

Camy Tang said...

That's neat, Anne! I'm glad he made you feel better.