Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My office

There's a neat thread on the ACFW e-mail loop about writers' office spaces, so I thought I'd post pictures of mine. I'm not the neatest person, so beware if clutter gives you palpitations.

Here's the view from the doorway. I also have a eucalyptus and lavender blend infusion that I use in my aromatherapy infuser, so the room smells comforting and it helps with my sinus headaches.

Here's the tour counter-clockwise, from right to left.

Directly to the right of the door are the closet doors, which are my brainstorming/storyboarding palette.

Next is my desk. I try to keep lots of water bottles around so I don't have any excuse not to drink enough water during the day. You'll also see the mess under the desk, which is my storage area for blank CD-ROMs and extra CD cases. (Those cases are super cheap at Goodwill, if you happen to find them there.)

And my very expensive ergonomic chair, which even Captain Caffeine said was surprisingly comfy. Should be, for the astronomical amount we paid to keep my back healthy.

Continuing toward the left, I have three bookshelves and an embarassingly large number of books in plastic bins. No, I haven't yet read all of them. I got most of them at Goodwill and Salvation army, so I usually picked them up when they were available, not when I had time to read.

Not seen in this photo, but to the right, is where my computer tower is sitting.

I love those plastic bins. We get them from Costco, and they hold everything. Some here have my extra tote bags and backpacks and things.

The weird flat black metal thing on the left is the folded-up dog crate. We don't use it but can't seem to get ourselves to give it away. It got stored in my office when we had to clean out the guest room for my parents to stay in for a few days, and the dog crate never left the office, for some reason.

That's the tour. Not a pretty sight. LOL. But I do enjoy being surrounded by books.