Thursday, April 05, 2007

2007 Mount Hermon Conference

Here are my pictures from Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, March 31 - April 3, 2007. I blogged about it here.

My agent, Wendy Lawton, who taught the career track with Janet Kobobel Grant, Karen Ball, and Sally Stuart.

Me, Tasra Dawson (she took my author pictures!), and Laura Christianson, a good blogging friend I met last year. All three of us took Ellie Kay's Media training track last year at Mount Hermon.

Me and John Leatherman, a fellow client of my agent, Wendy. John is totally fun to talk to!

These are the guys being silly late one night: Steve Laube, Jim Rubart, Randy Ingermanson, John Olson.

This is the agent panel at the Career Track: (L-R) Beth Jusino, Mary Beth Chappell, Janet Kobobel Grant, Terry Whalin, Steve Laube, Les Stobbe, Wendy Lawton.

We went to dinner at a restaurant on Santa Cruz pier, but there were 13 of us and only two cars. So we crammed--seven of us in Cyndy Salzmann's car.

Poor Jim Rubart was stuck in the hatchback trunk. You can see his head poking out over the top of the backseat. This is Suzie Eller, Vicki Tiede, and Jim.

...and Jenn Doucette and BJ Hamrick

And here's Cyndy driving.

Here was the other car. You might be able to pick out the 6 people crammed inside.

At the restaurant: Here we all are!

Sara Horn, BJ Hamrick, Jennifer Schuchmann, Jim Robart

Jenn Doucette, Cyndy Salzmann, Patti Hill

Jeanette Hanscome, Pamela Dowd, Sharon Hinck

Me, Suzie Eller, Vicki Tiede

Mary DeMuth and me. I love this woman!

Me, John Olson, Randy Ingermanson, Tasra Dawson

Me and Gayle Roper, one of my favorite people in the world.

Judy Gann and Janet Kobobel Grant (don't they look alike? Judy says people mistake her for Janet all the time)

Sherri Sand (Sharon's roommate), Sharon Hinck, Cindy Woodsmall, Beth Jusino

And this is...uh...Randy again.

Marci Seither and me. I'm laughing because she told another joke about her mammogram. The woman is a hoot!

Jim Rubart and me

Steve Laube and his new toy

Me, Cyndy Salzmann, Vicki Tiede

Lori Kincaid (my roommate two years ago), Charise Olson (a friend of mine who lives in the area), and me