Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 ICRS-Atlanta

These are pictures from ICRS in Atlanta, Georgia. I blogged about it on my blog with some pictures, but here are the rest of the pics.

ICRS Friday
ICRS Saturday
ICRS Sunday
ICRS Monday
ICRS Tuesday
ICRS Wednesday


Here’s a picture of my room:

And here’s the view from my balcony:


The Christy Awards!

Gayle Roper and Janet Kobobel Grant

Gayle Roper, Sue Brower, and me

Gina Holmes, me, Ane Mulligan

Me and KAREN KINGSBURY!!!!!!! She even remembered me meeting her last year (and gushing all over her, which she gracefully took in stride). I also met her daughter Kelsey and son Tyler.

Me and Christy nominee, Mary DeMuth

Me and Tricia Goyer

Wendy Lawton (my agent), me, and DEBBIE MACOMBER!!!!!!!


At the Books and Such brunch:
Me and Kathleen Y'Barbo (Janet announced today that Kathleen is now offering her PR services to Books and Such clients for very reasonable, effective packages!)

Sarah Sumpolec and me (I look prego, but I promise it's just the loose dress aided by a good slouch)

Julie Dearyan and me (nice bra strap shot, eh?)


Me and Kimberley Stuart

Me and Marilynn Griffith

Me and Tamara Leigh

Me and Tamera Alexander

My booksigning!!!

(These pics are courtesy of Jennifer Schuchmann)

(This pic courtesy of Sarah Sumpolec)

WHAT are we doing??????

Oh. This.

At the Steak and Ale that night:
Tricia Goyer

Sarah Sumpolec

(heads from left to right): Pat Rushford, Brandilyn Collins, Cassandra Woods

Me and Sarah Sumpolec

Me and Cassandra Woods

Me, Tamela Hancock Murray, Julie Dearyan

Me and Sarah again


Francine Rivers, her daughter Shannon, and me

Melody Carlson and me

Sigmund Brouwer and Andy Meisenheimer

Me and Beth Jusino

Me and Chip MacGregor


Here’s the Zondervan booth:

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Anonymous said...

Great photos Camy! It must have been so thrilling to see your name on the banner and book on the stall shelf. Congratulations!

Your nose does such a cute little scrunch thing when you smile...makes me wanna reach out and hug you! Just don't change that grin, it's infectious!

Lee Franklin