Monday, August 24, 2009

2009 Denver - Alpaca farm

While I was visiting my friend Danica in Denver, she took me and Cheryl Wyatt to an alpaca farm! Being a knitter, I really wanted to see alpacas (I just finished an alpaca lace shawl!) and there is a farm really nearby Danica's house!

Aren't they pretty looking? Kind of like a cross between a deer and a llama.

They had just been shorn about a month earlier, so their fur is very short and still clean.

Here's a little baby alpaca. He was very curious about us--kept getting close to us, although not close enough for us to touch him.

This poor lady was pregnant and about to foal any day.

The babies were very attracted to Danica's kids.

Oops, I was taking a pic of the alpacas, not the pile of dung.

The guy giving us the tour gave us some alpaca treats so they'd come close.

This alpaca just suddenly baaa'd when Cheryl was petting it.

Isn't this cute? That's Danica's younger daughter.

Yes, alpacas are like my dog--greedy guts. They swarmed when they realized we had treats.

This is one alpaca who had its leg amputated. It's doing remarkably well!

Mama and baby. Isn't Mama cute with her little mop of hair on top?

Here are some young alpacas--too old to stick with the adult females, but not big enough to hang with the adult males.

Don't you think they have pretty eyes?

I loved the babies!

This one had unusual light blue eyes!

Cheryl is laughing here because this one alpaca loved being petted so much, he wouldn't move!

This is a llama. They have them in the pen with the alpacas to help guard the flock. They will react if they see any coyotes and warn the flock.

Isn't he huge? He was kind of intimidating.

Those bicolor alpacas were so neat!

Here were the adult male alpacas.

Isn't this black one cute? His fur was really soft.

This is apparently an award winning rooster.

Look at fuzzy! Isn't he cute?

Here's that curious little baby again!

The paddock is really big.

Good bye, fuzzy! Thanks for letting us hang out for a while!