Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Denver - Audra's house

Captain's Log, Stardate 07.2009

In July this year, I went to Denver for a variety of reasons--and my friend Audra Harders is one! Me and my friend Danica Favorite visited Audra one day during my visit.

If you haven't read the short version of my trip, click here.

This is the view from Audra's porch. Isn't it nice? The weather was totally awesome.

I mentioned on Audra's blog about the turkey gobbling that I heard, and I thought the sound was from a chicken? Here is the monstrous beast. You couldn't pay me enough to go catch this tank for Thanksgiving dinner.

I love rabbits. This is because I am NOT a gardener! So when I saw some cute wild cottontail bunnies, I had to take a few pics.

Audra had some nice chickens. Actually, I'm assuming they're nice because they belong to Audra. I really couldn't tell a nice chicken from a cranky one. I think the one below is a rooster. Am I right or wrong?

Audra's bunny is an award-winner. I just thought he was cute. :)

Here's Audra's handsome, long-suffering son, who helped me milk a goat. Yes, you read that right, I wanted to milk a goat. Why? Because I have a goat in Jenn's backyard in the fourth book in the Sushi series, which will be released as an ebook novella (and as Print on Demand) this fall sometime. If you belong to my newsletter YahooGroup, you get a chance to download the ebook free when it releases (for a limited time).

I admit, I was a bit scared to touch the goat. She didn't seem particularly happy to see me.

I had never seen sheep before! They were so cute! (Can you tell, "cute" was my theme word for the day?)

This, I think, is a pygmy goat, but if I'm wrong, somebody say something.

Goat = not happy. Camy = enthralled!

Getting ready to milk the goat. Audra had to help.

Milking a goat! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Actually, it was kind of neat. The teat felt softish and leathery. I think I was expecting it to be smoother.

This is Audra's herd of goats.


Of course, being a knitter, I had to pet the sheep! They were really soft. Nice shot of my big butt (gee, thanks, Danica! ;)

Again, sheep = not thrilled. Camy = enthralled!

Bunny was SO CUTE!!! And SO SOFT! Isn't he a big guy?

Ooooooh he was so cute!

Me and Audra! Under the Spanish olive tree that was making Danica's allergies act up.

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