Thursday, September 03, 2009

2009 Denver - ICRS

After spending a week with my friend Danica, I went to a small authors' retreat/mini-conference in downtown Denver. I don't have many pics of the event, but here are a few:

Me and Robin Caroll--I love this picture! It's such a good one of both of us.
Me and Robin again. I don't remember why I'm on my cell phone...

This is a group of friends who waited in the lobby before going out to dinner. Other authors at the retreat were going to the Christy award ceremony, but we opted out for Cheesecake Factory instead! From left to right: Cheryl Wyatt, Margaret Daley, Cara Putman, me, Allie Pleiter and Robin Caroll standing behind us.
Here are some of the people who went to the Christys: Kim Sawyer, Patti Hill, Lori Copeland, Angela Hunt, Karen Ball. Don't they look purdy?
This is us at Cheesecake factory!
We took this picture because we thought it was appropriate that the Cheesecake Factory was right next to Writer Square!
This is a large group picture of the authors at this retreat.

After the retreat, we went to ICRS! International Christian Retail Show. Huge convention for Christian retailers/bookstores.

This is Shelley Adina, Danica Favorite, and Cheryl Wyatt in front of the huge blue bear statue outside the convention hall in downtown Denver.

Danica, me, and Deborah Vogts
Danica, Amy Clipston, me, and Cheryl Wyatt. She looks peeved because I pinched her butt! LOL
Aren't we gorgeous? From left to right: Danica, Cheryl, me, Robin Lee Hatcher, Deborah Vogts, Tamera Alexander, Amy Clipston
This was cute: me and MaryLu Tyndall, except she kept closing her eyes for the shot, so... lieu of toothpicks to keep her eyes open :)

Here we go!This was at the Barbour booth. We were stoked because we hadn't yet seen the cover for Wildflower Bride. It's not the real book--inside are the pages of another book! LOL but we liked how they displayed all three of the titles together like this.

Debbie Vogts and Amy Clipston
Christy finalist Mary Connealy! That's her Christy medallion around her neck!
Me, Brandilyn Collins, and her daughter Amberly, at their booksigning
Me and Mary Connealy at her booksigning as I try to oh-so-sneakily steal her Christy medallion...
Tamera Alexander and me! Isn't she gorgeous? I want to look that good after having kids. Well, without the kids part.
On Monday, there was a special reception given by my publisher, Zondervan. It was totally cool! Here's me with my Marketing Director, Karwyn Bursma. She rocks!!!!

Standing left to right: Amy Clipston, Debbie Vogts, Sue Brower (my wonderful editor), Terri Blackstock, me.
Sitting left to right: Amberly Collins, Robin Lee Hatcher, Karen Kingsbury, Brandilyn Collins

Me and The Awesome Melody Carlson!
Me and Irene Brand
Cheryl Wyatt, me, Robin Jones Gunn, Danica Favorite
Me and Karen Kingsbury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and supercool Mark Mynheir!
Me and Sharlene MacLaren (I love this woman! She's like a stick of dynamite in that little body!)
Two of my favorite people from Zondervan: Joe Questel (he works at Symtio, which is the digital/audio arm of Zondervan's sales team) and my Marketing Director Karwyn Bursma
Me and Kim Woodhouse!
Megan DiMaria and me!
MaryLu Tyndall, Mary Connealy, Wanda Brunstetter, Kaye Dacus, and Kelly Eileen Hake had this big shindig at the Barbour booth. I took a few candids of MaryLu being charming. ;)

Cheryl is scolding Mary for something. LOL
All is forgiven!

Mary Connealy, me, Cheryl Wyatt, Kaye Dacus, and Kelly Eileen Hake
Me and Wanda Brunstetter
MaryLu next to the display of her books! Like Mary's book Wildflower Bride, the book for The Raven Saint isn't real--it's another book's pages inside the cover--but I love love love the cover of The Raven Saint!
Yes, we contemplated theft of the book since the cover is so cool!
Amy Clipston had her first booksigning! I took pictures of her line so she could see how much in demand she was!
There's Amy!

Amy and me after the signing (whew! that was tiring)
Deborah Vogts also had her first booksigning!
Her line was pretty big, too!
Debbie and me after the signing!

Here is me for my booksigning! It was a couple hours after Debbie's, in the same booth.
I actually wasn't signing Sushi for One, I was signing Single Sashimi, but oh well. I actually got to take the poster home, but then I LOST IT!!! AAAAAARRRGGHH!!!!! I set it down somewhere and when I went back to look for it, it was gone. :(
Here are some pictures of the publisher booths. Here's Zondervan!
I was amused by this book. Wonder why...
Baker/Revell/Bethany House booth
B&H booth
Tyndale booth
David C. Cook booth
Barbour booth (this is only one side of it, there's another side)