Wednesday, October 07, 2009

2009 ACFW Conference - Denver

I finally uploaded all my pictures from the 2009 in Denver! I love going to ACFW conference because I always meet so many friends, make new friends, and have a great time in general!

In most of my photos, I'm wearing a reddish/pinkish shawl which I had just finished knitting and blocking. It's the Cap Shawl from Victorian Lace Today, and it took me FOREVER to knit, so you can bet I'm wearing it to within a thread of its life. LOL It was lovely, and I felt lovely wearing it! Debbie Macomber (yes, THE Debbie Macomber! See below) was admiring it! If you belong to Ravelry, you can see the knitting specs here.

This is me and suspense author Brandilyn Collins. Brandilyn has been a friend and mentor to me on my writing journey. Plus she writes REALLY GOOD SUSPENSE NOVELS. If you haven't picked one up yet, you're lame.
From L to R: Karen Ball (author and editor at B&H Publishing), Ronie Kendig (action/suspense author, published by Abingdon and Barbour), Jim Rubart (supernatural suspense author, published by B&H), and my wonderful San Jose buddy Dineen Miller (women's fictiony suspense author, who does the fantastic graphic design work for my bookmarks)
Karen Ball and Gail Martin, Barbour and Steeple Hill romance/women's fiction author
Me and Cara Putman, who writes historical romance for Barbour and romantic suspense for Steeple Hill
Me and Ane Mulligan (women's fiction), one of the funnest people I know!

I had failed dismally when trying to do that self portrait thing with my camera, so Karen Ball taught me how. She's so good! I tried but kept cutting off people's heads. Oh well.
My friend Angie Breidenbach, Mrs. Montana International. She's so gorgeous, if she weren't so nice, I'd have to kill her. She asked to take this picture with her food just to prove to people that YES, she does eat dessert!
Me with Janet Kobobel Grant (left) and my wonderful super fabulous agent, Wendy Lawton, both agents with Books and Such Literary Agency.
I tried again with the self portrait thing with me and my good friend Pam Hillman (totally fantastic, award-winning historical romance writer). As you can see, they should just call me Madame Guillotine.
This one wasn't as bad, but Pam still is missing 3/4 of her brain due to my slicing.
Forget it! Here's a picture to keep of the two of us!
One of my best friends, Cheryl Wyatt, who writes ROCKIN' contemporary romance with military/rescuer heroes!
I'm in the presence of greatness! In the middle is Tracie Peterson (historical romance for Bethany House), and on the right is Margaret Daley (contemporary romance and romantic suspense for Steeple Hill). Even though they're both incredibly popular authors, they're both wonderfully sweet, humble personalities.
My roommate for the conference, the awesome Wanda Dyson (suspense for Waterbrook) and ACFW President, Cynthia Ruchti (women's fiction for Abingdon)
This is me and DEBBIE MACOMBER!!! NYT BESTSELLING AUTHOR!!!! Actually, she's wonderfully down to earth and sweet and nice and a terrific person! And keep reading to find out what we did on Saturday night!
Me and KAREN YOUNG!!! NYT BESTSELLING AUTHOR!!! Karen is really sweet and nice, too!!! If I ever get on the NYT bestseller list, I hope I'm as humble as these two ladies!
Me and my fellow Steeple Hill authors! L to R: Marta Perry, Winnie Griggs, Lenora Worth!
Me and my other best friend, Danica Favorite! I got Danica into knitting, so here we are, knitting!
From L to R: Rene Gutteridge (most of you guys probably know her fantastically popular Boo series), me, Kathleen Y'Barbo (historical and contemporary romance, aside from the fact she's a great writer, I just like saying her last name. LOL), Cheryl Wyatt, Ruth Logan Herne (Cheryl and Ruthy are both with me on the Seekerville blog! Ruthy just sold to Steeple Hill and her romances will release next year!)

Me and Kathleen Y'Barbo (Yhh Baaaahrb bohhhhhh... :)LOOK!!! IT'S ME AND DANICA KNITTING WITH DEBBIE MACOMBER!!! HOW FREAKIN' COOL IS THAT????? We had a great time!!!
L to R: Pam Hillman, Cheryl Wyatt, Dineen Miller, Sara Mills (historical mystery with Moody), Ronie Kendig, agent Steve Laube, Robin Caroll (romantic suspense with Steeple Hill and B&H), Ginny Aiken (contemporary romance with Steeple Hill)
Same peeps, without Steve, with me.
Fellow knitter and writer Linda Burklin! She gave me some stitch markers, which she sells on eBay. They're totally sweeeeet!
Me and one of my favorite people in the world, Mary DeMuth! Mary writes women's fiction, published with my publisher, Zondervan!
L to R: Beth Adams (editor for Guideposts and a totally cool person), Andy Meisenheimer (editor for Zondervan) and moi. Andy isn't my editor, which he likes to rag me about.
Me and Debbie Vogts (contemporary romance published with my publisher, Zondervan)! I love this woman--she and I totally BONDED at ICRS this year. Plus she's just a really really nice person. One day I'd like to visit her farm, but don't tell her that. She might move.
Me and Winter Peck (Winnie!) a blogger/writer I've known for what seems like forever! Her husband is in the military--remember to pray for our troops!
Me and fellow Love Inspired Suspense author Liz Johnson! Our first books with Steeple Hill came out in the same month! Isn't she adorable? I wanted to pack her up and take her home with me. :)
This is one of my fabulous Genesis coordinators, Erica Vetsch (historical romance author with Heartsong Presents)! I LOVE HER! She made coordinating the Genesis contest way fun!
More greatness! Me and Donita K. Paul!!!! Donita won the 2009 ACFW Mentor of the Year award!
Me, Cheryl, and in the middle, another really good friend, Syndi Hawkins! Syndi was another awesome Genesis coordinator for me!
Me and my totally stupendous editor at Zondervan, Sue Brower! She is just awesomeness embodied!
Me and my fellow Steeple Hill author, Betsy St. Amant! Betsy writes terrific contemporary romance and she's also on the ACFW Loop Moderator Team with me. Isn't she just the cutest thing? Can you believe she just had a baby? I met her husband too, he's so nice!
My fellow partner in knitting crime (not really, but we really could get into some bad things if we set our minds to it) Allie Pleiter! Allie writes contemporary romance for Steeple Hill and she is showing off that gorgeous knitted shawl she made!
This is Cara Putman showing off the beautiful (if I do say so myself) Melon Shawl which I knit for her! It's from my favorite knitting book (at this moment), Victorian Lace Today.
Me, Dineen Miller, and Ronie Kendig. Don't we look just totally HOT???
Ronie, me, and in the middle is awesome romance author Lena Nelson Dooley! Lena just bought my favorite knitting book, Victorian Lace Today, so she can make the Cap Shawl I was wearing for much of the conference!
This was our dessert for the Saturday night awards banquet. That's the ACFW logo on a square of white chocolate!! Isn't that just totally awesome??? Oh, and the uh, triple chocolate mousse dessert wasn't bad either...
Me and Brandilyn Collins--we are smokin'!!!
Agent Chip MacGregor looks so spiffy in his traditional Scottish garb!
Me and Jim Rubart, who did the Powerpoint for the awards banquet
Me and Gail Martin
Me, suspense author Colleen Coble (Thomas Nelson) and Kim Woodhouse (yes, from Extreme Home Makeover!) I love these ladies!
Evangeline Denmark (Donita K. Paul's daughter, but a fantastic writer in her own right!)
Me and Janet Kobobel Grant
This is one of my good friends Tosca Lee! She writes amazing books (see my review of Demon) and she's sickeningly gorgeous. I'd hate her if she weren't just totally awesome.
Me, Tosca, and another great friend, Meredith Efken! Meredith adopted a baby girl from China and has written a novel about Chinese adoption, Lucky Baby, which comes out next year!
Cheryl and her husband, Billy, who did the sound and recordings for the entire conference. Aren't they a handsome couple?
Me and Cheryl. I'm telling you, her dress was fantastic!
Margaret Daley and Cheryl
Left: Pam Hillman showing off the Large Rectangle with Center Diamond Pattern shawl that I knit for the Silent Auction (and she won!). I knit it with this lovely alpaca yarn in sky blue. In the middle is my fantastic editor at Steeple Hill, Tina Colombo James!!! It was sooooo cool to meet her in person for the first time at the conference!
This is Mindy Obenhaus, another of my AWESOME! Genesis coordinators!
Angie Breidenbach wore her Mrs. Montana International getup at the awards banquet (she looked totally awesome, by the way, but I forgot to get a picture of her), but Chip hijacked her stuff for a little photo opp...
Angie and me the next day! We don't look too tired, right?
Me and romance/women's fiction author Andrea Boeshaar! Andrea has always been so wonderful to me--she gave me fantastic advice at my first ACFW conference. She also writes fabulous books!
After the conference, Danica and I went to have High Tea at the Brown Palace Hotel! Here are some pics of the hotel--isn't it gorgeous?

And naturally I'd take pictures of the food! These were our desserts. The one with the nut sticking out was a mini pecan pie, the round one in front was a mousse on a cookie/biscuit, behind that is a white round thing that was a mini macaroon, and the square things in the middle with the red sugared fruit were petit fours.
Our sandwiches were delish! Cucumber and cream cheese, curried egg salad, and turkey rolls.
And scones! With Devonshire cream and strawberry jam.
And that was my trip to Denver in September! Next year the ACFW conference will be even better!


Kimberley Woodhouse said...

Wow - what great pics, Camy!
You are so beautiful and precious!
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great pictorial representation of a wonderful event! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Michele Cushatt said...

How is it possible that you have so many pictures and look fabulous in every one of them??? :)

Ronie Kendig said...

AWesome pictures, Camy!! THANKS for posting them. Can I "steal" a few of these that I'm in? I won't pout that we don't have a cheek-to-cheek (um, FACE cheeks) picture together. :-P

Erica Vetsch said...

Wow, you got great pics! It's a testament to your leadership, because I'm all geared up to do the Genesis Coordinating again. :) After NaNo, naturally.

Pam Meyers said...

Great pics, Camy! I thought I was the last one to post any. You beat me!! Now that I've been shamed I'll have to do it...just not now. Too much to do LOL.

I told you at the banquet I had no time to knit, but you're making me want to again. LOL

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Loved the pictures. Brought back wonderful memories.

Cara Putman said...

What fun! Love your commentary as much as the photos. And snagged those of us - since I brought a camera but took nary a picture. Sigh. :-)

Camy Tang said...

Thanks, guys! It was great seeing you guys there!

Michele--I love you! :)

kalea_kane said...

What amazing pictures. You and all the ladies look lovely. Love your knitting work! Thank you so much for sharing.

Jessica said...

Amazing pics! It was an awesome conference.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Wow! What great pics! I wish I'd been there!